Summer Study Abroad

Enrolling in a summer study abroad program could be the most memorable educational experience for students. This is their chance to discover and explore a new country while expanding their knowledge at the same time. Students can choose from different programs offered around the world.

Summer means school break for most students. This is the season when they can relax and have fun. They usually go to different tourist destinations to explore beautiful scenic spots and experience extraordinary outdoor activities.

Summer is not only a season for recreation. It could also be the best time to enrich the skills of the students. A lot of universities from across the globe are offering summer study programs for foreigners. Enrolling in such courses is a great opportunity to learn new languages and the culture of other countries.

Students who want to pursue a global career will benefit in language study programs. Language immersion is the most popular course that students take during summer. Some include sports, leisure, and cultural activities in their language programs. In this way, students will learn and enjoy at the same time. The usual length of study ranges from four weeks to eight weeks.

Students who do not have funds to spend in summer studies abroad can still enroll through scholarships and financial aids. The chances of getting scholarships are high if the program is approved by the home institution and will earn credits to the student’s degree. There are study abroad institutions which can also assist in getting financial help for students.

Students can choose from any part of the world where they want to have their summer study programs. The popularity of such programs started the universities of different countries to offer courses that suit international students.

Europe is one of the top destinations for summer study programs. It offers a wide variety of courses. Students may go to Spain to take language immersion class. They griffith university may also go to Milan where the first International Fashion and Cosmetic Academy is located. For those who want to be musicians someday may enroll at London Centre of Contemporary Music in England. Other courses available are Culinary Arts, Interior Design, Furniture Design, and many more.

South America is also an option to learn the Spanish language and its culture. Architectural study programs are also offered, and priority is given to students majoring in architecture. South America has also a lot of magnificent natural attractions that foreign students may enjoy.

Central America offers many courses for marine life study. Experience underwater adventure and explore aquatic wildlife. Some institutions are offering Divemaster Intern Program (DIP). The students will get PADI Divemaster Certificate upon completion of the course.

Asia is the largest continent in the world. It is composed of countries with varying cultures, religions, beliefs, tribes, and languages. Foreigners with Asian Studies majors can choose from different programs that will earn credits on their academic subjects. Language is not to be a barrier because most schools use English as their medium for teaching.

You could approach some Summer Studies Abroad Provider should you wish to be an exchange student come summer time. First, there is the International Studies Abroad (ISA). ISA provides summer study programs to 14 destination countries. Language Programs International (LPI) which is ISA’s sister company provides programs for high school students.

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