How You Can Turbocharge Your Internet Marketing By Blogging

The word blog is an abbreviation of weblog, which originally was a simple online diary or journal. Canny internet marketers were quick to spot the potential of this platform for connecting with people and building relationships.

Blogging has now become a very popular way of strategically positioning yourself in front of potential customers. So what makes blogging such a successful internet marketing tool?

There are two aspects to creating a powerful blog site: getting people to visit your site and providing good quality information for them when they land there.

With regard to getting people to visit your site a blog has advantages over a static site in that, if it is posted to often, it will gain favour with the search engines Sherry Dyson . Your blog site can be set up so that it will automatically alert search engines with a message known as a ‘ping’, whenever you add content to your site. The search engines will then respond by sending out a ‘spider’ to check what’s there. Information is taken back to the search engine’s main database and, when someone searches for information which is on your site, the search engine will display your site in its results.

Hey presto! You have visitors to your blog and the more relevant information your site contains, the more spider visits you get, the better your search engine rankings, and the more visitors you get. It’s easy to see how this develops and boosts your internet marketing business..

Now you have to give them good content and you may think that this is the tricky bit. The first thing to remember is that your post doesn’t have to be very long. Between 350 and 500 words is a good guideline. People normally pay a quick visit to a blog and posts much longer than this may not get read.

So what are you blogging about? What’s new in your market? A quick post sharing your opinion on a hot topic in your business area will generate interest. Ideally, this will attract some comments, especially if it is a contentious subject.

You may want to visit forums to find out what people are currently interested in or concerned about. You can add a brief comment on the forum with a link to your site where you have just posted a blog on this subject.

Your blogging can be about books you have read on your subject to let people know where they can find relevant information. Reviewing products in your market or associated with your market will also generate interest. Something you hear on the news or read about in the paper or a magazine can also provide subject matter for a useful blog.Once you get used to looking around for ideas, you’ll find them more and more easily.

Your site will become known for offering interesting and useful information, your readers will start to value your opinions and views, you will become seen as an authority in your business field and you will be developing the sort of relationships that eventually will convert prospects into customers for your internet marketing business.

Because your blogs are not generally sales letters or pitches, readers are more relaxed as they don’t feel they are being sold to. They can just enjoy what they are reading and appreciate the information you are sharing with them. They get to know you and what you are about. Subsequently, when you do have a sales offer, they are more likely to buy because they feel that they know you and trust you.

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