Blogging For Business

Visitors to your website need some convincing before they will contact or buy from you. At least with a physical location buyers are re-assured they have somewhere to go back to if there is a problem. Hopefully the store will still be there! Online, there is no such re-assurance. Web sites come and go. Visitors to your site have no real reason to trust or believe what you are saying.

Blogging is one way for visitors to get to know you. They can see a track record of postings on your blog going back over time, which give at least the appearance, if not the reality of permanence. Plus they can read what you have to say and consider your opinion. See if you actually know what you are talking about This is further re-assurance. After checking you out, visitors can then contact you, or purchase your products with some knowledge of what they are getting.

Another big advantage of blogs is rankings on the search engines. Most search engines, and especially the big three (Google, Yahoo and MSN) use a ‘freshness factor’ in their ranking algorithms. After all, why go to a site that hasn’t been updated recently? Most people prefer to visit sites with fresh up to day information that is updated regularly.

Blogging is easy. Don’t be intimidated by a lack of technical expertise. Blogging software is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge. If you can use Microsoft WORD, you can blog! It really is that simple.

Blogging really gets your message out. Blog entries can be syndicated in the same way that news stories are syndicated to member newspapers by companies such as AP wire, and Reuters. Imagine this: you write an article every 2 weeks on your particular area of expertise, and it goes out to hundreds of people who are passionately interested in this subject area. Syndication is a powerful tool for any business to directly contact people.

Blogging is a 2-way conversation. Visitors to your site can leave comments on your posts and enter into dialog with you and with other visitors. This creates community (with your website and business as the focal point) and gives business owners direct dialog and candid feedback from visitors and invaluable marketing information.

Blogging can be a great source of income and exposure if you know how to play your cards right. Remember it takes more than content to really become one of the most effective bloggers in cyberspace. Here are 6 ways to blog your way to cyberstardom:

1. Build your traffic. Early blog posts don’t get usually indexed in major search engines. So in the meantime you can gather already published factual articles you see on the Web and just insert a short comment. Make sure they’re relevant to your theme or keyword. Save all your best articles when you can already have a basic idea about your traffic.

2. Earn money from your blog., for example, allows you to earn residual income through Google Adsense. Other blogging platforms also permit you to add a javascript so you can generate text and link ads. For every website redirection through click-throughs, you earn.

3. Tag and Ping. Ping is a technique where other blog search engines are made aware of any new contents from your blog. Tags, meanwhile, mean attaching specific keywords to your blog posts. Both these processes are meant to increase your traffic and give you a chance to be indexed by search engines more quickly.

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