How to Choose Your Watch

Choosing your watch

When you are buying a watch, the first thing that comes in mind is its purpose. What are you testing? Lap times or lunch breaks? Or you just want to look stylish, to wear it as jewellery? The market is wide, there are a lot of producers, a lot of famous brands and any one of them has a great offer that include all the types. That allows you to choose yours from a great variety that fits your style, needs and taste.


If you have a reputation to maintain, you need a luxury watch that will remain in style for many years and keep excellent time. Baume & Mercier or Tag Heuer have an outstanding craftsmanship and a classic design that combine perfect style and performance.


Casual watches usually have a comfortable band and higher water resistance. For instance, if you are in a hurry and have to do the dishes, or reach in the cooler to get a drink, or you are at a pool party, and you want to go for a swim, in any of these situations your casual watch will resist, and you casio edifice watches don’t have to take it off your hand. A known brand like Skagen has a variety of casual watches.


If you want to look more formal, then you need a dressy watch to fit your suit. Stainless steel bands and black dials blend perfectly with your dressy look. Bulova makes dressy watches that fit perfectly into a special occasion to give you a stylish appearance.


If you have an active lifestyle, consider in to buying a sporting watch. Sports watches are specially built to resist in water up to 600 ft and have different features to help and improve your training, like: test and record your lap times, has a chronometer function, night light function. A Seiko diving watch is suited for your active lifestyle.


If you want to impress people, you certainly need a fashion watch. Fashion watches have cutting edge styles, unique case shapes, nice dial colors, and built with cool materials. An Invicta watch has all the features of a fashion watch.

Take care of your watch

If you want to keep your watches from dust or scratches you can always buy a watch cabinet or a watch case. Watch cases are especially used by the ones who have several watches, and like to take care of their collection of watches.

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