Put RSS News Feeds to Work for You

One of the most misunderstood files, but yet one of the most powerful on the Web, is the RSS feed sometimes known as the RSS news feed, XML feed or web feed. One form of this special XML file is the podcast, but yet many casual and even hi-tech surfers still do not understand that they are using this exciting technology invisibly every day to read news and follow blog sites.

RSS, standing for Really Simple Syndication, is not new technology. The technology and implementation was created in 1999 by Netscape. RSS is an important technology and one that you are most likely using to get news, information updates, and to follow blogs that you like from a portal page invisibly. RSS files are created in XML or Extensible Markup Language mywebmagazine.co.uk . XML is another programming language used widely on the Web, like HTML, but one that cannot be read in its raw form by a browser. Because it operates invisibly, RSS has not been recognized by mainstream web surfers as the powerhouse that it is, but, that doesn’t mean that developers aren’t using RSS to serve you the content and information that you want most!

May I please remind you in case you have not heard or come from a secluded background with skewed World News propaganda force fed to you; The United States of America is the single greatest nation in the history and you know it or should have known. If you are a learned man and are looking for proof you need not look far, but if for proof you supply us with a liberal skewed Thesis from Academia? From LA LA Land Harvard? Please that is not proof of your comments it would be absolute proof against it.

For those who believe Americans are stupid and state things such as;

“Thanks to India and China outsmarting the dumb uneducated AmeriKKKans. Go to any university in the US and you will see Asians, Indians and Chinese as the most successful students”

You can go ahead and dump this “Ameri-KKK-ans” theme and name calling it only makes you all look ignorant. As far as foreign students coming to the US and doing quite well I am happy to say; oh I indeed agree, however it is more a matter of work ethic than intellectual capacity. Chinese brains learning 36,000 symbols work differently and are better often in math and science. India sends they top 10% of their top 1% to the US. I think if you take and average of the wholes of both populations you will see how smart over all Americans really are.

In a recent study, it was discovered that 80% of individuals who search for health information make use of general search engines like Google and Yahoo. Are they going to get optimum results? The obvious answer is no.

In the same survey, it was also observed that 64% of the most searched health information is about diseases or medical problems. 51% of Internet users seeking health information search for medical treatment or procedure. 9% search for information on how to quit smoking while 8% search for information on drugs and alcohol. This article reveals the right Internet tool to use when searching for health information on the Internet and what kind of resources is available in the discovered tool.

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