The Ten Commandments of Blogging

On-line business can really be lucrative if you can you can study the secrets well before you start. They are no business without a plan, so web base business is no exception. You must know the pros/cons of the Internet business you want to do.

These ten things must be taken into consideration before you start anything on-line.

Education: education here does not mean degree or any certificate course but the basic knowledge of the Internet business you want to do. All businesses have the secret that make them to thrive. This is same with Internet business You must attend seminar organize by Internet marketing expert and ask the necessary questions. No man is an island, so if want to succeed as Internet entrepreneur, you must learn how to stay at the soldier of those that have done the kind of business you are going into. You can buy e-books and manuals that can guide you through. Whatever business you want to do, there is somebody out there that has done it successfully. The problem is to find them and cut check for them and they will put you through. But be careful, they are many greedy folks out there. So do your own dues diligent before letting out your hard earn money.

Get a good domain name: a domain name is a name given to a domain that distinguishes it from other domains. Some people opine that you can get free blog, but I should warn you of that. There is no free lunch anywhere so you must get a domain name. While thinking about a domain name you want, you should think about the niche you want to specialize. Niche such as dating, retirement, sport, investment, forex can earn you a very good pay per click. You should try as much as possible to avoid long domain names. Your domain name must be short and easy to spell and remember. Dotcom is one of the popular domain extensions, so you can get a domain name with dotcom (

Register and host the domain: after getting a good domain name, you can now register and host it. But before you can register a domain you must search for the availability of the domain to know whether the domain name has been taken or not. You can search for domain name in,, or any other ones. Domain registration and hosting can cost as low as $20 depending on the company you are patronizing. But be careful of the domain registrar because some of them are not faithful.

Design a simple web site. After registering and hosting your domain, it now times to build a simple web site fore your online business. On the main page of your site you can put your blog site or you can decide to turn the whole site to blog site. Many webmasters charge very small amount of money for such simple web site. But make sure your webmaster teach you how to update and manage your blog so that you can blog any anytime anywhere.

Have a good payment system. Payment system is an online account you need in order to get involved in the online business. If you didn’t have a good payment system you will not be able to collect your money. You can open Pay-pal account, current account with domiciliary activation to collect your checks in a bank of your choice. Before you open current account ask whether the bank offer such services.

Participate in online forums: there are many online forums you can join and learn what other experts are discussing. Register and start participate in the discussion. Make a contribution in any topic that relate to your niche. Remember, internet business cover many areas of life so you should try as much as possible to specialize. To get good forums to join you can search in Google or other search engines.

Make research on your niche: there is nothing research cannot do. Those experts you see today are product of research of yesterday; there were once a novice like you. So research can make you a guru in your niche. Visit local news stand and buy magazines and other materials that can improve your knowledge. Visit other expert blog and see what is happening there.

Drive traffic to your blog: A Blog that is not having traffic cannot make money for you. You need visitors in your blog. Your AdSense is useless if no body click on them. So your ultimate responsibility is to market your blog as much as possible. You can market your blog in forums, printing of call cards, advertising people product or services, placing you ads in your local magazines, submitting your domain to search engine. But before you do all these, you must be ready to feed you visitors with good contents and information. What you are selling is simply information but nothing else. Go all out and get good information that is practical enough to apply.

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