How Do You Fish A Worm?

Before I even begin, let me emphasize that I’m not referring to those colorful pieces of rubber and plastic that Largemouth Bass anglers love so much, I’m referring to what what is the best humidifier for baby Hank Hill calls “the good old American worm”. The kind of worm that lives in the ground and has been known as a bait for fishing for almost as long as human beings decided to try to catch a fish. I have nothing against anyone who chooses to pitch a colorful piece of plastic around, it’s simply not the kind of worm that I’m referring to.

So, how do you fish a worm? In this article, I’m going to share the easiest and most effective way to fish a worm with the hopes that the information will help you catch more fish. Let’s begin with what I’ve seen many anglers do when it comes to fishing a worm, and why it’s not as effective as it should be. Many anglers just thread a worm onto a hook or hook the worm over and over again, then cast that worm into the water and call it fishing. While this would technically be considered fishing, it’s paramount to eating a BBQ chicken TV dinner and saying that it was as good as real Texas BBQ. It just doesn’t make ant sense.

The problem with the technique mentioned above is that the worm isn’t presented in any natural way whatsoever. In most cases all that’s being created is a “worm ball”, and although small fish will bite a “worm ball”, larger more experienced fish will not. The worm that is being fished with needs to be presented naturally, which means it should look the same as if you simply threw a worm into the water. The only way to accomplish this is through the use of asset of gang hooks.

A set of gang hooks is simply two small hooks tied in tandem. This enables the angler to present a worm in completely natural manner. Gone are the days of the “worm ball”, the moment gang hooks are employed. Gang hooks are nothing crazy. You can tie them yourself or buy them, it makes no difference, the point is that they need to be used when fishing with live worms.

Not only does the use of gang hooks result in more hook ups because the bait is being presented in such a natural manner, they also result in more hook ups because there are twice as many hooks! Simply enough, right? If you’ve ever used bait such as Powerbait, marshmallow, corm or cheese, gang hooks work wonderfully for these baits as well. Think about it. You, the angler, can offer the perspective fish twice as many options through the use of gang hooks.

Now that you know the best way to fish a worm, you also need to know the best way to carry your worms. You need to fashion or buy yourself a bait bag. A bait bag is simply a “pouch” that you transfer your worms into before you go fishing. Then you have your worms’ right art your finger tips, ready to be used. No more fumbling around with those Styrofoam containers. Now your live worms will be hanging right there waiting patiently to be used. How simple and easy is that? Now you can spend more time fishing because remember, the more time that you spend with your line in the water, the better your chances catching a fish.

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