Five Fantastic Places to Find the Best Products to Sell

The key to making money online is to find a need and fill it, or identify a problem and provide the solution. Where do you go to find out what people are buying? Take your research beyond mere keywords! Here are five excellent internet locations you can research to learn what people are willing to spend money on while online.

ClickBank is the granddaddy of affiliate marketing sites. The “Buy Products” section is the tab to explore for all manner of products in every niche Sherry Dyson . ClickBank offers statistics so that you know what is selling well, and for how much, and what is paid out to affiliates. This gives you a wealth of knowledge about particular problems for which people are online searching for solutions.

Ezines are a great source of product reviews and advice. Scan these for ideas for product creation, or to add a new twist to an existing product. Note the ads in ezines that occur again and again; these are probably ads for products that sell well. Take careful note of the subject of the feature articles, for these will be topics of interest to the greatest number of readers, and will indicate a niche where products possibly sell well.

Forums are fun places to hang out and “listen” and instructive places to learn, too. A question asked in a forum may indicate a need for a new product, or an updated one. Forums are often on the cutting edge of internet trends and if you can create a product that will get out in front of a trend, you will surely make money. People who frequent forums will often share what is working for them, and provide affiliate opportunities, too.

Blogs are like forums in that they are places where much can be learned about the next internet trend, or the products that are filling a present need online. Like forums, but not as focused on one subject matter, blogs help you keep a finger on the pulse of what’s needed now by online searchers. Entertaining and informative, blogs are a hotbed of possible product ideas.

Finally, frequent news sites for information on market trends. Read feature articles, for as with ezines, these are the articles expected to appeal to the greatest number of online visitors. The topic may spawn a product idea, or underscore the value of a certain niche. Sign up for email alerts so you are notified when another article in the category hits the news.

ClickBank, ezines, forums, blogs, and news sites are rich sources of ideas for niche marketing and identifying a product whose sale will mean internet success. There are lots of problems people are trying to solve, and that means lots of opportunities for internet marketers.

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