Getting a Job As a Computer Game Tester

Young and old – everyone loves playing games. In the past these games were played on large consoles that could not be taken anywhere. These days they are more portable and come in various formats, such as the PSP Vita. Video games can even be played on smartphones and tablets.

Video gaming and personal entertainment have evolved over the past couple of years. Careers as game testers will become more viable in the near future provided that the current increasing trend in the sales of personal gaming products continue.

Individuals who are interested in this industry consider employment as a game tester as an easy way to become involved in the industry. At present more and more independent game studios are being established and funded through venture capital. This is especially the case with startup companies focusing F95zone on the mobile gaming market.

The PC gaming market has gone through significant changes in the past few years and a variety of business models exist currently. These include subscription-based and freemium models. If you are looking at an easy way to become involved in the video gaming industry, it would be much better to consider working for an independent startup company rather than a large game corporate.

The following needs to be consider if you are interested in this career:

1. Testing games does not mean you play games the whole day! Based on the top quality assurance analysts and managers, new employees should not think that they will be paid for playing games the whole day. There is more to this type of position than just playing games.

Although the latest gaming products may be fun to the consumer, in this career it means business. If a gaming company employs you you need to first learn the company culture and realize that being employed as a game tester is just like any other position and needs to be treated seriously. Game testers are basically employed as quality assurance staff and this means hard work!

2. This career requires specific skills. The market supply wannabe testers is large – everyone can play a game. You need specific skills that would set you apart from the rest of the market. You need to be very analytical and observant. You also need a strong will as you will be doing several tasks repetitively over the course of a year.

Being a game tester does not mean that you will not get bored because you will be playing exciting games. You must remember it is still a job and not just there for your entertainment. Gaming studios expect testers to identify bugs in their products. All bugs need to be documented properly and the company expects regular reports from their game testers.

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