Mythbuster: You Need a College Degree

I must be very pro college because, between us, my wife and I have four degrees Mua bằng cấp 3 . But I sometimes wonder if they are for everyone. We were lucky and used our respective degrees in our chosen fields. Yet we amassed a combined student loan debt of nearly $100,000 along the way.

My mother was of the old world belief that a young man without college would be relegated to saying, “Do you want fries with that?” or pumping gas, for the rest of his life. Although we were poor, she pushed me forward to go on with high school college curriculum. Later, I would apply for grants and scholarships for the needy.

So how did that work out, you ask? Well, I was hired by a small New Jersey advertising agency as an artist intern assisting the art director in the summer of my junior year. For all they knew, I could have gotten my degree from a mail order ‘learn-to-draw’ school. They only chose me based on my portfolio.

Suppose I had gone to that ad agency with my high school portfolio, instead. I’m not sure they would have given me the chance, but they might have. And Fedders? Probably not. But I could have learned enough at the agency to get a better job and still eventually open my own agency. Also, I would have started with $50,000 more: the loan amount I borrowed from the government. Which brings me to a larger issue. How much is it really worth to get that diploma?

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