The WoW Gold Guide: Newbies Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

If you are new to the World of Warcraft game you may be unfamiliar with what a WoW Gold Guide is. Although you will soon become sick of seeing them all over the internet the longer you play WoW. I can not even begin to tell you just how many WoW Gold Guides there are online. Just about every Tom, Dick and Harry have written one hoping to cash in. They will promise you riches beyond your dreams and the ability to level at lightening speed. So what is wrong with that you may be asking Myenvoyair login? Well for the most part a good number of these WoW gold guides are just rehashed information from other guides. They may have added some pictures, maps and even a little more information. If you are really lucky they have found some new locations to farm for gold, but don’t hold your breath.

The thing that really angers me about these so called “guides” is they never really give you any useful information. It is always the same old methods and techniques. I want these guys to get off their rears and actually show me something I can use. But I guess that is just asking too much and I should just throw away my twenty or thirty dollars. So with so many WoW gold guide scams out there I want you newbies to know what to look for and what to ask yourself before you buy one of these WoW Gold Guides.

Since you are just starting out in WoW you want to be looking for a step by step WoW gold guide, this is going to be important for you as you are still feeling your way through the game. if they have video tutorials that are step by step, even better! make sure it is just not a list of places to farm for gold, because if it is more than likely it is dated and worthless. Along those same lines make sure the guide that you purchase is up to date with all patches and expansions. Nothing is worse than finding a guide that has not been updated since Vanilla.

Is there a money back guarantee available for the WoW gold guide you purchase. If you see known, just stay away from it. You can also do some research and look for refund rats for many WoW gold guides and if you see the rate to be pretty high that is a good indication that the guide is junk. Also check to see if they have support available to you. You can usually find this on their sales page in the form of e-mail, phone or even via their web page.

Don’t let any of this discourage you because there are some very good guides out there, and they actually do what they promise. You just have to be on the look out for these fly by night operations that are just out to make a quick dollar. Basically if you stick with the bigger well known guys you are going to get a quality product, but you may pay more. And you can find some guys selling WoW gold guides on various forums that are pretty good as well. But you are really going to have to look into those. I say just pay the few extra dollars and get good quality product that will help you enjoy the game more.

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