The Celebrity Product Placement Dos

If you know what to do and how to do it, celebrity product placement can be relatively inexpensive. You do not have to put multimillion dollar contracts into celebrities’ hands. All you have to do is send the right products and services to the right stars. The size of your brand and the retail price tag just don’t matter. The playing field is pretty even if you do your research and play it smart. Send the right package to the right people and you can get an endorsement from some of today’s biggest celebrities.

Here are some important Do’s to help ensure your celebrity product placement efforts are most effective:

Do make sure you pitch on target. Do your research to make sure you are pitching the right product to the right celebrity at the right time. For instance, do not send dresses to Ellen DeGeneres; she doesn’t wear them. Don’t send Halle Berry a yoga mat unless you know for sure she is not out of the country filming a movie for five months.

Do customize. Nothing makes stars feel special more than customization. It shows them you care enough about their preferences to pay attention to what they like and do not like. Customization does not have to Kelly Stables be expensive. For instance, you can make sure you monogram her name on the pink leather bag you send Paris Hilton. Customization is a good way to establish a connection with the star you are sending your product to. When celebrities find a connection that resonates with them, they will be most likely to use or talk about the product you sent them.

Do make your pitch easy to respond to. The goal of any celebrity product placement campaign is to receive something that can be used for promotion. In line with that, make your campaign easy to respond to. If you’re after a handwritten note that says thank you, you may want to consider sending personalized cards along with your gift. Also, make sure you make it as easy as possible for the celebrity or their representative to contact you. Include a couple of your business cards with every package.

Do be gracious. When dealing with celebrities and their representatives, make sure you are always courteous and professional. This is a business interaction and should always be treated as such. Don’t be pushy, demanding or short. And definitely don’t ask for favors, or worse, an autograph!

Do be extraordinary. Stars receive hundreds of gift packages. Unless yours is incredibly memorable, it’s highly likely it will get lost in the shuffle. Brainstorm on how you can differentiate your packaging. Strategize on the right product or service to deliver, as well as how to deliver it. If you want a certain star’s attention, you will have to look for ways to command it.

Do leverage your celebrity product placement. Getting the stars to use your product or service is not the end of your marketing efforts; it is only the beginning. Once you get a photo or a thank you note, leverage it! Send out an e-blast to the celebrity media once you have confirmation that a celebrity is a fan of your product or service.

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