What Is the Value of a Project Management Office (PMO)?

The value of a PMO is dependent the direction it is given by senior management. Different PMO’s have different functions within an organisation but all have the focus to impact positively on the project or programme outcomes PMP certification .

In order to look at the role and success of a PMO you need to look at the project or programme over a period of time, looking at key deliverables and performance results. These indicators can range from delivering within the agreed budget, delivering the agreed outputs/outcomes or delivering the project on time.

The focus should be on making the PMO an integral part of the organisation and not a distinct department or stand-alone operation. The PMO should be supporting Project and Programme managers on a daily basis, developing project management tools, templates and checklists.

The PMO should also help Project Managers to monitor and evaluate their projects through performance and risk logs. However PMO delivery is also concerned with a wider and often more strategic area such as creating a more effective and consistent project methodology.

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