A+ Certification Exams

An A+ certificate is proof that you have obtained the knowledge needed to build, troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair computers CISM exam . Is is a common requirement of employers in the computer technician field. A+ tests are used to accurately calculate the knowledge and ability of a PC technician after a period of at least 6 months. During this new technology era, technicians are always in very high demand so obtaining this qualification is definitely worth the time. You are only required to take this test once, so if you pass it, you will be qualified your entire life.

There are over 500,00 computer technicians competing for the same job positions as you and are already qualified. So just with this certificate they are considered more qualified than you.

Anyone. The exam can be taken by any person who registers and pays for the exam fee. You don’t need previous technician jobs to take the test or have any training, all you need to do is pass the exam, which will take some sort of studying in more cases.

The exams are marked on a scaling format. Some questions are worth more than others so everything is not always worth the same mark. There are two individual tests you must take for the A+ certificate, the Core Hardware exam, and the OS Technologies exam. They give you 90 minutes per exam to finish. You are allowed to take the exams on the same day or schedule them on different days.

The A+ exams are designed around industry wide practices. They test you on the knowledge and experience a 6 month PC technician should have to be considered qualified. The Core Hardware exam and the OS Technologies exam are based on questions about modems, printers, displays, storage media and devices, microprocessors, buses, and your overall knowledge of technical domains.

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