ITIL Intermediate Exams – What Is the Best Choice?

Once you have passed the ITIL Foundation exam you can go for the ITIL Expert certification which has a choice of 2 streams, either the Lifecycle stream or the Capability stream. Which stream you choose is entirely dependent on your current job function, the maturity of the organization you are currently in and finally where do you want to be Security+ exam .

The Lifecycle stream has a much more management focus and is designed for the person that defines the operating model but does not do the actual implementation. They are responsible and accountable for the implementation but not for doing the actual work, that is for the Capability stream.

The Capability stream is for those people who are involved on the ground and are responsible for the actual implementation of the various processes. The Capability courses are therefore much more practical in nature, where the Lifecycle modules are focused more on the theory than the practice.

The great thing about the ITIL expert certification is that it is credit based and you only need to obtain 22 credits to be able to write the final exam. This means that it is possible to mix and match courses from both the Lifecycle and Capability streams and have a tailor-made certification that suits you and your company perfectly. What must be noted however is that there are overlapping courses on each stream and only one course will count towards your certification if you do choose to complete both. For example if you complete Service Strategy as a Lifecycle module and OSA from a Capability stream you will only be credited with one or the other, not both.

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