Why You Need The Awakening Course by Dr Joe Vitale

I must say that this is one of the most comprehensive, laser-targeted courses which trains your mind on how to effectively apply the law of attraction to it’s fullest and utmost potential. It reveals the four stages to ideal health, wealth, romance and more. Would you like to discover the missing secret for attracting wealth, health, happiness and love? Well this is the very course you need, written by one of the most sought after authors and speakers on the law of attraction.

We all know, that is, those of us who live the law of attraction, that the only way for us to conquer our problems is to transcend them. A lot of us struggle daily to successfully to use the law of attraction to attract wealth, health, healthy relationships, etc a course in miracles . Many of us come up short, because of the numerous distractions in life which hinder our ability to successfully apply the law of attraction and enjoy its benefits. A lot of us do not know how to escape this mindset, and just allow the law of attraction to flow its energies through us. This course teaches you exactly how to overcome these difficulties and successfully retain your positive outlook on life and enjoy your walk in the law of attraction in your daily life.

The course starts off with an excellent refresher course which then segues to “secrets” of applying advanced methods and techniques of the law of attraction which have never been told before this course a course in miracles text . Vitale does a great job addressing the various pitfalls and unfortunate incidents in our life which keep us from applying the law of attraction, and how these advanced techniques can make these problems virtually disappear. Vitale finally leads you into the fourth and final stage of complete awakening – a place rarely ever described before.

In an adjacent hall, many people assist the process by sitting in “current.” This is a process somewhat like meditation in which an assembly of persons sits quietly with eyes closed, focused and aware of a streaming cosmic energy. This raises the vibration in the entire facility helping the Beings of Light to do their work.

While only one Entity of Light inhabits the body of John of God at any time, literally hundreds of spirit beings are working on each and every person who has come seeking help. For this reason, seekers are asked to wear all white because it aids the Beings of Light in viewing the internal structure of each body and on several levels or dimensions. All healings ultimately occur on a deep spiritual level.

Not everyone is seeking an end to a physical affliction. Many are seeking solace from blinding emotional pain and trauma. It could be loss of a loved one and the attendant insufferable grief. Or unbearable attacks of fear and anxiety suffered by a Vietnam veteran. All manner of suffering and pain find their way to the lap of this humble man.

We are of course amazed to watch the physical surgeries on YouTube. However, the most astonishing aspect of this theater of healing is the fact that it is being done at all. Why does John of God do this? He charges no money. Certainly the Beings of Light do not need money. The answer is as profound as it is obvious. This is a manifestation of unconditional love and deep compassion. That’s why they do what they do.

We live in a world of unparalleled stress and self-centered addictions; a world in which there is very little love. For most people, love is nothing more than a four letter word. Yet amidst this barren desert, there springs a fountain of love that all can see in a most visible way. Perhaps this is the most healing aspect of the entire John of God process. That we, as human beings who have lost our way, can see that love does truly exist. For without love, life is dry and meaningless. It is love, and love alone, that makes life beautiful and worth living. This is what we should get most of all from watching the march of sufferers who are being cared for and healed in Abadiania, Brazil. We should understand that love is the goal of life. We should understand that at the end of our lives, after all of our successes and failures, the value of our lives will be determined by how much we have loved. We must all learn to be givers not takers. This is the deepest and most profound message from John of God and the Beings of Light that work through him.

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