CPAP Therapy – The Remstar CPAP Machine Is A Great Model To Consider

Out of all the CPAP machines currently on the market, the Remstar CPAP Machine, from the Respironics division of the Philips Corporation is a surefire winner. It is one of the top selling models for sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and is affordable, lightweight, and very effective bipap machine.

So what makes the Respironics CPAP units so good? Portable CPAP therapy is becoming a very desirable option for OSA patients, for people who want to use it both in their homes, and whilst traveling and holidaying. Until portable CPAP machines became affordable, many patients resorted to staying at home and never traveling, some still do.

The CPAP therapy units provided by Respironics are a very portable CPAP therapy unit, and offer the patients a non-invasive assisted system of ventilation. Suited for OSA patients, they are also used to good effect by severe snorers, and the two conditions are often linked. By wearing a sleep apnea mask, air flow is delivered under a slight positive pressure to the mask, and subsequently to your throat and airway. This prevents the soft palate tissues of the mouth and throat from collapsing in the night and causing an airway blockage, known as an apnea episode.

If you do purchase one of these CPAP devices, it is good practice to take it along to your medical practitioner to get it set up correctly before first use. The operation of these units is very simple, but for piece of mind and effective therapy, it’s certainly worth ensuring that it is working properly from the start.

Of the Remstar CPAP machines, a couple of the most popular models are the Remstar DS200S CPAP machine, and the Remstar Pro M Series, a great machine, and somewhat cheaper than the DS200S model. These are so easy to use, and apart from a little regular maintenance, including checks on the mask and CPAP hoses, the machines need almost no extra attention.

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