Buying Jewellery Online – What Are the Advantages for the Consumer

Exterior and interior shop fittings. Jewellery retailers outdo each other by creating marble and crystal palaces to impress their clientele. It’s a well understood notion that they all like to show themselves in the best light and want to extend the luxury of their produce through the image which they are trying to create. This enormous expense has to be covered by someone, namely you, the consumer.

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• Exorbitant rent needs to be paid for prime positions. Of course jewellery retailers need to be seen and unless they own the building they have to pay for the best location buy gold in dubai . This could be in a particular street renown for high end shops or a shopping mall where a constant stream of potential customers is guaranteed. This cost makes up another slice to the mark-up.

• Staff levels have to be high. Retailers want to make sure that no fish slips through the net. As you enter the shop you get lulled into the feeling of actually being a friend. Sales techniques start now! You are lured with the aid of a little competition to give away your personal details so that you can enjoy the service of actually being reminded when your partner’s birthday is, or your anniversary or what item he or she has been looking at the last time they came into the shop. That’s all fantastic, but somebody has to pay for the maintenance of that service, and it’s not the shop owner, it is you, the consumer.

• Stock levels have to be high all the time. If you don’t like a particular item you want to be shown alternatives. Not every item in a jewelry store is a top seller. But as a retailer you need to have plenty in stock and what doesn’t sell,… well, there is always a half yearly sale coming up. To maintain a high level of stock for a retailer is one of the biggest expenditure items and of course these costs are rolled into the final retail price, which you as a consumer have to pay for.

• Another cost add-on goes to advertising. For some retailers there is no limit to how much they think they need to spend to be one step ahead of their competitors. Photo shoots, models, location, TV, radio, magazines, billboards and personalities, you name it, no media is left out in a frenzy to be heard or seen. Again, this is another factor, which has to be added to the final price.

The list could go on but I think I made my point. I haven’t touched on the fact that jewellery retailers think they deserve a decent life style for themselves. And they are not known to be of the modest variety because after all, they need to portray a life style that reflects the image of their luxurious products. But after all, they actually support the economy by providing employment in all the areas which I have mentioned above. This is all quite true, but how does that help you, the consumer, when all you are interested in is finding a more affordable price for the same product.

You cannot make jewellery without jewellery wire, and it is in almost every jewel maker’s kit. The wire is available in various sizes, colours, strengths, metal substances. Jewellery wire is also sold in bulk on spools, and as smaller coils.

As a jewel maker, you are likely to consume a lot of wire, so it may be best to start with a smaller coil until you are sure that you need more for your project, when you can purchase in bulk, which may be cheaper. The type of jewellery that you choose will be determined by your project, as there are different types of wires for different purposes.

• Memory wire is pre-coiled jewellery wire that is use for making necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The wire gets its name, because it can retain the coiled shape, even when it is stretched.

• Super- thin beading jewellery wire is super thin and is useful when working with small beads. It can be difficult to work with, and should be handled carefully.

• Coloured jewellery wire is coloured-coated copper or sometimes based on nobium, and is available in several diameters, and is soft and extremely malleable. Relatively inexpensive, the wire retains its shape very well, and is easy to work with.

• You may also find the need for plastic coated wire that features brightly coloured plastic. It is easy to work with and bends very easily.

• As a jewel maker you may often need wires made of precious metals. Precious metal jewellery wire is used for making chains and wire wrapping. Precious metals fluctuate in price, and the costs of precious metal wires can vary. The wires are made of precious metal such as silver, gold, and platinum, and are available in different shapes and hardness. The most commonly used are gold and silver. Precious metal jewellery can be difficult to work with because they become brittle as they are bent.

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