Blogs Are Like An Old Friend

For years people have enjoyed eating in small cafes across this land. The reason that people like these little cafes is that people feel instantly at home. For just a few minutes the weight of the world seems to lighten as neighbors share the latest news about the birth of a new grandchild or some silly antic that their dog just did. The waitress is fast on her feet as she delivers the food with a smile and a joke. The food while comforting may not be the best in town, but you know that you will be returning again and again.

Across town is a five star restaurant. Guests are almost afraid to talk because they are afraid that they will disturb the table next to them . The food is outstanding and the waitress is very good while being quite professional. While you might return there again someday you will not be returning often.

The person building a blog should learn a lesson from these different restaurant styles. People want a friendly atmosphere where for just a moment they can forget about the cares of the world and have a laugh. Blogs don’t have to be funny but they need to be kept light hearted. They need to be like the atmosphere in that cafĂ© that you will return to again and again. The atmosphere needs to be set so that comments can be freely given by your readers. Speaking of comments, a great way to build readership to your blog is to post comments on forums that are friendly and meaningful. Be sure to include a link to your blog on your comment. When people appreciate your comments they will want to read more.

We have all gone to an occasional lecture or sermon we wish we hadn’t gone to. You know the kind that drags on and on. You just can’t help but look at your watch repeatedly. On the other hand, have you ever run into an old friend unexpectedly and began visiting. Time just seems to fly by as you catch up on all the latest news. Momentarily all the other cares of the world seem to stand still. An hour or more may fly by and you realize that you must continue on with your day. The writing on your blog needs to be like that old friend. So often we have read a blog where the person tells us something n such a dry way that we just quit reading. However, there are other blogs that are like that old friend and we can’t wait to get the newest update. While people need to be educated about your product or service they also want to be entertained so make sure you are offering quality content. Speaking of offering quality content a great place to offer this content, besides on your blog, is on free article distribution sites. There are lots of these sites and all that is required is to write an article about your subject that has no spelling or grammar mistakes. Make sure these articles both entertain and educate your reader and leave them wanting more so they will go to your blog.

People are starting to realize that there is no such thing as job security any more. The days of working with the same company until retirement is gone. That is why more people are turning to starting their own business. If you have thought about doing this, you are on the right track to finding financial stability that the job market no longer gives.

The problem that holds many people back from going down this path is the thousands of dollars that they believe you have to spend to get started and to build successful business. The good news is that there is a simple low cost way to start your own business and that is to create a blog. Blogging has become one of the most important strategies. People that have the will and determination to make money are turning to this endeavor to find the success that has alluded them in the working world.

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