A Review of the Ebook Child Safety Online

The advent of the Internet added new dimensions to the lives of computer users, many of them good, but as with a lot of things in life there is a downside. Many thousands of adults get caught out by online scammers and as we expect children to be more gullible than adults they need protecting from predators, making child safety online absolutely essential.

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Protecting our children is mainly common sense, but for those who are new to the Internet it can be baffling without knowing what to watch out for and how to deal with problems Slot Online Tepercaya . Before I review the eBook I’ll tell you about my friend and her daughter.

Five years ago my friend’s 12 year old daughter was groomed by an online predator and my friend had no idea what was happening until it was too late. She thought that her daughters growing behavioural problems were down to the transition from childhood to becoming a teenager – those difficult years. My friend didn’t know that she was using school and a friends computer to go online and visit chat rooms. That her daughter lost her childhood to a monster more than twice her age who she met in a chat room.

My friend fought back and was even instrumental in getting the law changed to help protect children more. It took a long time and a lot of pain and sorrow for all of the family before things got back to anything like normal. Although things are much better now the harrowing events of 5 years ago have tainted their lives and that can never be altered.

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