How to Cut Fuel Consumption By More Than Half

Fuel more than ever has become a precious commodity. Enhancing the efficiency of an engine running on petrol, gas or diesel need some simple modification and the miracle takes no time to happen. The same engine without any miracle sheets problem uses three times less energy than before. Here are the best tips.

The first step is to think that fuel is always present around us though we hardly realize it is being wasted. Most homes have gas emitting pipes fitted to their toilets which work like chimneys and release the gas from the toilet high into the air. It is customary practice to avoid foul smell no doubt but it can be used as an advantage to feed the same by channelizing the flow to the engine.

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This is possible either by making a new connection like a “T” connection by fitting another pipe like a water feeding plastic pipe used in homes to water the plants. At one end it can be connected to the existing pipe with a valve that lets to divert the gas which can be fed into the engine. It is generally methane gas which is a bio-fuel like the bio fuel from animal dung and excretion used in bio gas plants in homes and farms.

The other end is connected to the air feeding carburator of the engine. When the gas is fed to the engine the process of combustion will happen the same way as before to run the engine. The need is to adjust the other nozzle feeding the fossil fuel for minimum intake from the fuel tank.

Not only this will minimise the average consumption by half from the earlier operation of running the engine but still more can be done. The next step can be to arrange a structure like a green house. If there is a thick growth of plants along the wall and even a climber covering the side of a wall is useful. For this, take a sheet of ordinary polythene which is a little of green shade. Place it with firm support along the wall with a length to about fifteen to twenty feet and having the height of wall.

Make sure one to one and half feet space remains between the wall and the polythene sheet. Leave no open space at the top where the wall and the sheet meet each other like air sealed arrangement. Make sure the lower edge in entire length of polythene sheet is firmly tucked into the ground soil so that the arrangement is air sealed. Leave only a small opening into one end of the sheet to allow air for breathing of the covered plant growth. At the opposite end make another outlet, the size of a common water feeding pipe as done before. Insert the pipe into the sheet by the hole and make a firm connection. The other end again can be fed into the carburator by simply making an opening into the air cleaner.

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