A Review to Know If Zija is a Fraud Or Not

Indeed, global crisis is already felt by a lot of people nowadays. More and more people are losing their jobs and sadly, the unemployment rate is getting higher and higher, as well as the duration of time of their unemployment. People do whatever they can just to earn extra money and one of which is doing online business. However, being successful in online business opportunities is not that easy because there are also a lot of scams existing today. It is so important to do a research before venturing into something to avoid more financial heartbreak.

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Zija started in 2004 with the main task of helping people turn out to be healthy. Ken Brailsford – founder of this company, has set his eyes on this natural plant named Moringa. Moringa is identified for its Stability of antioxidants, minerals 辣木油 and amino acids. Several, wellbeing professionals including scientists have claimed that Moringa’s efficiency could treat more than 300 conditions. The first Zija drink, named the SmartDrink, was born because of this miraculous plant. Can this drink really make you healthier? The answer is very simple. We all are unique. What works for me might not work for you. To find out if this product really works for you, you better try it and see what profit you can achieve.

Many have complained online about Zija being one of those pyramid schemes. This is absolutely false. Those who complained are obviously not well-informed about what is a pyramid scheme really is and are not generally knowledgeable about network marketing. Pyramid schemes are 100% illegitimate. And if this business is in that list, then it won’t be here for 4 years and still existing.

Zija and network marketing is absolutely not a scam. There are lots of reasons arises why people would assert that most of the network marketing business are scams. But their major basis is that you must not give to work for a job. This statement is correct that you shouldn’t pay any money. But network marketing is not a job; it’s a business opportunity. It is similar to franchising a McDonald’s only that in network marketing you don’t cover a towering rate to acquire, restaurant space and workers. Business opportunity outlay money to link like having your small franchise, except on selling hamburgers, you are selling Zija’s products.

One more criticism that people have is that many have joined this kind of business and failed. What exactly is the reason for this? Again, there are lots of reasons why. Most of these people didn’t really do their job. There are some people who thought that after they tell their friends about the business they could get rich, easily. But this is absolutely wrong. It takes a lot of time and effort to attain a successful network marketing business. That is one why they assert that the company they joined is a scam after losing their money.

I’m pointing out some truth that most people who joined network marketing business don’t make any money. It is an inclination athwart the board. The lacking of ideas in marketing is the cause or reason why they can’t make any money. Some company tells that they offer training to the people that join their business, but on the other side, some company don’t offer real life internet marketing training. And this is not a fault of the company. You realize that the company you’ve joined is not a marketing company. But you can provide this training to yourself according to your upline. Except that if your upline doesn’t even know anything about marketing then that’s another failure in which most of the people tend to forgot.

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