It is customary that your air ducts and dryer vents must undergo cleaning service annually. The primary reason is that when doing such, the safety and efficiency of your ducts and dryer installation are maintained. As they are filled with dirt, lint and other foreign materials, the drying period heightens which is the primary cause for overheating for this equipment.

This means that the energy consumption also increases Duct Cleaning Maple due to the fact that the dryer takes longer time to dry the clothes. This can also cause the dryer or the dryer ducts to fire up. Safety commission reports say that home fires related to such causes are becoming prominent these days. Across the country, over fifteen thousand related cases have been recorded due to buildup of debris and lint.

Winters can be quite a very tiring season. Aside from the fact that they are long and hard, they require you longer time at home. During this season, windows and doors are Air Duct Cleaning Maple closed so you rely on the recycled air through the ductwork for the air you breathe. Here are some of the reasons why you need cleaning service for your ventilation ducts prior the coming of the winter season.

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Insulation has improved for most of the houses in various regions of the country. There are many houses these days, which do not use air heat exchange. This establishes a case where fresh air is produced as it recirculates through the air duct. However, there is a great chance that bacteria mixed with dust and foreign debris that can cause disease and allergies can penetrate your skins. An excellent air duct servicing company will make sure that everything is disinfected, along with the canal system. These systems bear harmful substances from the channels and compartments of the overall circulation of fresh air.

Most home owners are well aware that the heating and cooling system should be inspected annually. This is best done before the fall or winter rush. But making sure the furnace is up to snuff is not all one should do. Getting your home’s air ducts cleaned is also a crucial step in ensuring that your family is living in a healthy, fresh air indoor environment.

How often should they be cleaned? The answer is that it depends on the individual household, under normal circumstances every two to three years is advised. However, if there are any allergies in the family or you have pets you may want to consider having the ducts serviced more often. A comprehensive cleaning of all heating and cooling system components (furnace fan blower, furnace heat exchange, air conditioning coil, humidifier, ducts, etc.) will also help air circulation.

If you have recently had or are having your furnace upgraded to a more efficient heating system, you should have your heating ducts cleaned. During any type of home renovation there may be a lot of dust from drywall, plaster or wood cutting projects and again a cleaning would be advisable.

Be sure to allot three to four hours of time for the duct cleaners to do the job. Mention any other items that could require cleaning as well, such as your air conditioner coil, or dryer vent. Now that the ducts have been cleaned, maintaining cleaner indoor air can be attained by using full-time air purification equipment such as an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) or high-efficiency air filtration (hybrid systems).

If you had been thinking that the air inside your home is cleaner than the dark plumes of dust and smoke on the streets, you are wrong! A survey conducted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has suggested that the ambiance within our homes happen to be over 70 times as unhygienic as the same outdoors. One of the chief but often undermined reasons of this over-bearing pollution is the unclean air ducts in most homes. Even though clearing this seems easy and does not take up much time of the homeowner, it is still not as prioritized as other necessary basic chores of the house.

Those who had been worried at the thought of soliciting professional help for such duct cleaning can now let their guard down. For recent news suggests that many firms that offer such air duct cleaning and allied services have cut down their fees in order to accommodate even working class people into their client base. The logic behind this unconventional cut in prices is that once people are satiated with a firm’s said services, they shall also employ the same company for other associated services like clearing out furnaces, AC units etc

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