Bon Appetite – The French Food Not To Be Missed

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Steak Chateaubriand + 3 French Recipes In Under 90 Minutes

When you visit France, you may be surprised when you sit down to breakfast. The traditional French alain milliat hk breakfast does not consist of bacon and eggs but instead, sweet rolls and coffee. The French enjoy a wide variety of pastries including those that are very sugary, lightly sweet and even savory. French coffee also smells and tastes incredible.

One well known French delicacy is the croissant. You have certainly enjoyed one of these here in the states but you don’t want to miss having one in the country that created them. The French take a lot of pride in making this buttery delight so be sure to enjoy some where they were first created.

When you think of French food, there are certainly some unusual dishes to consider. Snails, known as Escargots, are cooked in a delightful butter sauce and served with special forks as they are usually served in their shells. Steak tartare is another uniquely French food. This dish is finely chopped beef, seasoned and marinated and served very rare. It is also cooked in alcohol and when enjoyed with a glass of red wine, is a memorable experience.

A famous signature French dish is Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame. This is a sandwich much like a grilled cheese but with a twist. Ham is placed in the middle of the cheese providing a surprise for those expecting the normal grilled cheese. The Madame version added an egg cooked sunny side up and seated on top of the bread.

For those who are meat lovers, be sure to enjoy the famous French dish, steak frites which is really steak and French fries. We are all familiar with French onion soup and for the seafood lovers, the French will serve up a great moules and huitres which is actually mussels and oysters. Confit de Canard is made with duck which they say tastes a lot like chicken. If you have a lighter appetite, try a crepe, falafel or gallette.

After the dinner, desert is certainly not to be missed and be sure to consider the famous French cookie, the macaron. This is a light delicacy made of two small cookies with icing placed in the middle of them. The also come in many different colors and are not to be missed. Other popular selections are the traditional ice cream, chocolate and a variety of Danish.

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