How to Monetize Your Blog and Ensure a High Google Ads Click Rate

When posed with a question on whether you want to make more money from your blog or not, I believe the answer to that question would be to the affirmative buy verified adwords account. What any internet expert would advise you when it comes to monetizing your blog and making easy money on the internet would most likely be setting up a Google AdSense account.

Once you have set up your Google AdSense on your website or blog you would obviously expect to have a high click rate. Some people would like to make you believe that you need to have over 20 websites with 70% of your web pages covered with Google adverts in order to make money but I beg to differ.

The good approach would be to find out which are the best internet marketing strategies to implement in order to generate highly targeted traffic. In case, you are not maximizing on your Google AdSense, it is time you thought of niche marketing. Webmasters will tell you that niche marketing is essential as far as monetizing your blog is concerned.

Identify an area that most internet browsers are interested in and then post articles on that line and you will definitely drive targeted traffic to your Web page. This is what niche marketing means. If you keep posting good content on your blog, the probability to attract targeted traffic are high thus earn extra cash online through Google AdSense.

With niche marketing, Google adverts will always be related to your post hence the click rate will be high. But if you post articles on different topics you will discover that your Google ads are not related to your posts thus the click rate will be very low. In addition, if you opt to include affiliate programs, sell niche products and thus increase the changes of making a sale online. You are welcome to have a look at my blog and find other insightful content on affiliate marketing.

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