Today gold rate in Pakistan

The ratio of gold in the Sarape market in Pakistan to Gold in the international market. The price of 1 ton of Gold rate in Pakistan – 22k Gold is PKR for 10g. In addition, below are the updated precious metals prices, and here you can find today’s gold price in Pakistan.

In this paragraph, we will Decius and gold investment, similar┬áto a dollar or any other investment. You’re asking for a sale, but you’ve ignored it. For instance, gold is probably a pretty safe investment these days; In other words, it depreciates very little. Similarly, it comes in various forms, such as 24Kor 22K, depending on the purity. Again, Weight is 10 g or one tola. With so much volatility in the market today and signs that we are in a period of inflation, in reality, the above rules seem to no longer apply, and the gold market has come to life on its own.

Gold testing:

Today Gold rate in Pakistan is not magnetic. As a side note, sometimes an authentic gold bracelet or necklace has a non-genuine gold clasp and is attracted to a magnet while the rest of the item is lost. So, before you buy gold, test it first, then buy it.      

Per ton gold rate:

 Per tola gold rate in Pakistan, today is 2022 per ton, as the site shows 1 ton of Gold in Pakistan, the price of gold is 22 kt today, and the cost of Gold in Pakistan is 21 per ton, etc. gold rate in Pakistan today 2020 per tola lower than the 20021. However, you can easily estimate today’s Gold 24kt, 24kt, 22kt. Gold prices change daily, so keep an eye on the latest Pakistani gold prices on this page.

 Karachi is a major center for the gold market. Karachi, above all Pakistan, is the leader in gold prices. Today gold rate price in Pakistan in the Urdu bazaar is the same as in Karachi. All cities follow today’s gold prices. Similarly, Karachi Saraf Bazaar’s gold rate per tola in Pakistan today is the gold price of several cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, and Peshawar. And also, in Multan, it is the same. For instance, today’s gold rate in Pakistan is the same as tomorrow. I also thought that I was interested in investing in gold.

Gold prices in other cities:

In Pakistan, gold rate prices in Pakistan today in other cities are the same.

Gold rate in Pakistan today 2021.



1. if you want to check the Gold rate in Karachi, you go to the Aslam market in Karachi. Aslam market is one of the best markets of Gold in Pakistan.  

2. if you want to check the Gold rate in Lahore, you go to Basti Bazar and every type of gold he has.   

3. if you want to check the Gold rate in Islamabad, you go to Centaurus; everything is available there.

4. If you want to check the Gold rate in Rawalpindi, simply go to Sadar.

What is purity gold?


Today gold rate in Pakistan is 22k per tola, which is the same as in other countries. 22-carat gold jewelry means 22 gems are gold and two different metals.

Secondly and most important,

Similarly, today’s gold rate in Pakistan, 24k per tola, is the same as in other countries. 24-carat gold is pure gold or 100% gold. For instance, it has a purity of 99.9% and a pure bright yellow color.

In conclusion, 

However, they tell US annual inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, and gold could be a haven for investors shortly as global stock markets plummet

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