10 Reasons Blown Wood Pellet Deliveries Are Right For You

10 Reasons Blown Wood Pellet Deliveries Are Right For You

If you use wood pellets for your heating, then you’ll already know about the improved performance, efficiency and cost savings that they provide. If you’ve got the storage space, then you might want to buy in bulk to get even more cost effective heating and hot water.

Here’s why you need to consid Cream Chargers Delivery  blown wood pellet deliveries.

Commercial and Domestic Customers No matter whether you’re a commercial or domestic customer, you’ll be able to get your wood pellets delivered to your home and blown into your storage area by lorry.

Fixed price Depending on your pellet supplier, you may be able to benefit from a long term contract that guarantees you a fixed price. This means that you’ll be able to work out and budget for your heating costs well in advance, and get the best deal available.

Order in bulk If you use a lot of heating and hot water, perhaps you run a sports club or a hotel, then you’ll want to order in bulk. Perhaps ordering a tonne or two at a time isn’t sufficient for you, and you want to be able to order more. Blown deliveries will be much more suitable and convenient for you.

3-28 tonne deliveries The leading blown delivery wood pellet suppliers will have different sized lorries, and so will be able to offer you several weights. You may want just 3 tonnes at a time, or as many as 28 tonnes at a time.

Availability – no seasonal worries By choosing a fixed term contract for your blown deliveries, you’ll also ensure that you have priority at peak times. In the depths of winter when some customers may be anxious about whether they’ll get their delivery in time, you can relax knowing that your delivery will turn up as and when you need it to.

No manual unloading One of the other advantages is that you won’t need to manually unload bags from a pallet, and then load them into your storage hopper. The lorry will blow your delivery into your storage area for you. This will save you plenty of time and mean that you don’t have to have additional help when you receive your delivery.

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