Presenting — Tasty Caribbean Treats and a Community Tour Through the Beach With Sandra Bussin

In my community symbol about the Beach I definitely wanted to include Sandra Bussin, City Councillor for Shorelines or East York, who has represented the Beach the past 16 years. After my Economy is shown 25 interview with Carole Stimmell and Sheila Blinoff from the Beach Community Community News and a wonderful tasty lunch at Konditor I headed town center towards Toronto City Corridor, where I had to be able to meet Sandra Bussin, City Councillor and Deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto.

I don’t usually get an opportunity to interact with senior city officials and I asked Sandra what the correct way of addressing her would be. She simply said “just call me Sandra”, and the ice was broken. We sat down and Sandra was ready to tell me her life story.

Sandra Bussin grew up just north of the Shorelines, near 먹튀검증. Woodbine and Danforth, in the Dawes Road area. At that time the area was mostly Scottish, Irish and English. She attended a smallish primary school: Coleman Road Public School, a 6 room school house which functioned as a hospital during WWII. As a child she played in a series of parks: little and big Dentonia Park, where she also learned to play tennis. Some of her friends even went on to become provincial tennis winners. Recently she had an opportunity to meet one particular friends again at the 30 year loved-one’s birthday of the Dentonia Park Tennis Club. When Sandra grew up there was no Crescent Town yet, the area of residential highrises just northwest of the Danforth or Victoria Park intersection. The entire area here was the main Massey Est, and Victoria Park Road did not even continue all the way through and dead ended at Dentonia Park. Sandra recalls construction work on the subway in the 60s.

Her father and mother were both born in Toronto, while her grandparents originated in Scotland. Her maternal grandaddy had 13 children and owned their own business near Gerrard and Broadview. Two of her uncles were jockeys and had a race horse in their front yard. Sandra lovingly recalls her mother’s stories, talking about her grandaddy riding his horse along Gerrard Street.

As a child she displayed artistic talents and enjoyed drawing. Her father would take her to the ROM (the Regal Ontario Museum) on Sunday morning where she studied the world and drawing. By grade 4 Sandra would take the street car and go to the ROM simply by herself. This exposure formed her interest in the world and allowed her to interact with other people in a structured educational environment.

During the summer Sandra attended art programs at Central Tech High school and participating in these activities helped her create a sense of independence. Sandra was supposed to attend Monarch Park Collegiate once that freshly built school opened. I really enjoy seeing she had always wanted to go to Malvern Collegiate which had traditionally been the feeder school for this area. But Monarch Park Collegiate Institute had just been built, and Sandra was said to be sent there. Instead she decided that Eastern Commerce would be a great way. In later years, when Sandra herself became a school trustee, she tried to facilitate her constituents’ school choices when they presented reasonable for wanting to attend a particular school.

After high school Sandra went to York University where she studied fine martial arts disciplines. To get there she had to take the subway and a bus. During university she got involved in film and TV production. In her third year of university she took a summer job with then City Councillor Ann Johnston and got introduced to the character at City Corridor. Sandra got to run Ann’s constituency office as a you are not selected. Profiting this experience allowed her to get a job at Queens Park, Ontario’s provincial parliament, a year later. She had an interview with Morton Shulman, the former provincial coroner who had then be a Provincial Member of Parliament which represents the Toronto area of High Park or Swansea.

At that time the CBC was managing a TV series called “Wojeck” that was based on Morton Shulman’s character and John Vernon, a tall good-looking professional, was playing the lead role. When Sandra first met the real Morton Shulman she said “you don’t look like John Vernon”. (Morton Shulman was a short slight man). Morton broke out joking, and Sandra had the job.

Right away Sandra felt at home at Queen’s Park. Originally she did not plan to stay in Morton’s office, she had planned to go back to university and take another degree. But she was impressed by Morton Shulman, “a mma star for the little guy” as she calls him. Dozens of people would make to see him on a daily basis, and Sandra was there to assist them with their needs and inquiries.

Before the Ontario government had an ombudsman, Morton Shulman would represent people that were wronged. Sandra’s role was to be “Shulman’s sleuth”, to research people’s inquiries and prepare him for the legislature. People with concerns and worries would come in from far and wide, and Morton would help them. Later Sandra worked tirelessly on a Tv show called “The Shulman File”, a show where Morton would take up cases of men and women who was simply unfairly treated and help them. She did a lot of research and investigative work and really enjoyed this opportunity.

When Morton Shulman retired he asked her to come work with him at his Tv show at City TV, but Sandra thought i would stay at Queen’s Park, and worked tirelessly on various politician’s campaigns until she decided to run herself. Somewhere in between Sandra got married and had a daughter. As her daughter got older she became interested in the school system and ran for school trustee. That was the start of her political career, and Sandra Bussin spent 9 years as a school trustee which represents the Shorelines and part of Riverdale.

Her next thing was a determination to run for city Councillor in Toronto and the past 9 years Sandra Bussin has been the city councillor, which represents the Beaches/ East York area. To her long list of achievements Sandra Bussin in addition has added the titles of Deputy Mayor of Toronto as well as that of the first Speaker of Toronto’s City Local authority or council, a freshly minted role which will reduces costs of the operations of city local authority or council beginning with the first meeting next Mon, February 5.

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